A Few Words About Us

CSD Ltd was registered at the end of 2001 and started trading at the start of 2002.

CSD stands for Computer Support and Development and over the years the company has evolved into being a full IT, Telecom and Internet Service Provider.

The company now provides a complete portfolio of IT services enabling clients to have a one-stop-shop for all their IT and communication services.

For efficiency our aim has always been to provide as many of our services in-house so that we can provide a fast efficient service to our clients. To give us this ability we have our own data centre with high speed fibre-optic links located in the UK

Having started by providing computer support and development services we now provide a complete range of services including computer (support, supply and maintenance), website (development, maintenance and hosting), backup services (on-site and remote), server hosting, network (installation and maintenance), e-mail services (hosted and on-site), voip (lines, hosted systems and on-site systems, phone lines, Internet connections and many more.

Our latest service to provide to clients is a could based virtual office world accessible from desktops, laptops, tablets, smart phones and most devices with an Internet connection.